Experiential Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

Determining the best format for events in the “new normal” depends on several factors, but ultimately brands are seeking to create meaningful connections while providing a safe environment that promotes interactive guest experiences.  

This creates an opportunity for forward-focused companies to present physical events that showcase best practices in social distancing and public safety protocols – think touchless registration, key-less check-in, sterilized sampling, and smaller group interactions.

For virtual events, the possibilities and platforms are exploding, with everything from simple Zoom-like meetings to live, linked studio broadcasts and speaker panels, to interactive or avatar-driven experiences. An “attendee-first” approach is essential in ensuring a seamless user experience; bite-sized content is key, as is a robust online content delivery platform, audience engagement mechanisms, and continued post-event conversations.

A great benefit of these digital formats is they add a layer of post-event engagement, trackability and ROI analysis potential that many physical experiences have struggled to deliver.

The most practical and plausible scenario moving forward is a shift towards a hybrid model, with condensed live elements and heavy digital extensions focused on online remote viewership or participation. A smaller live footprint will make in-person events feel more exclusive, while the complementary digital components allow for scale and continued exposure/traction long after the event ends.

TEAM is at the vanguard of multimedia brand interactions in this post-pandemic world, creating valuable and long-lasting connections across formats and environments.