CES 2023: We’ve Seen the Future of Marketing

Our Takeaways from CES 2023

Technology is transforming how marketers create more impactful experiences for our audiences, and few events are more eagerly anticipated than CES. This annual event has become a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations. In recent years, however, the conference has transitioned from the place to debut new news, to a showcase of iterative tech developments that set the tone for the year ahead. With over 3,200 exhibitors covering almost 3 million square feet of show floor, CES covered all aspects of consumer technology, but there were a few notable themes that emerged over the course of the event. 


AI is getting smarter
In the world of AI/Automation it’s all about simplexity – use of complex tech to simplify experiences. Chat GPT was definitely the most talked about disruptor, and its technology garnered a whopping $32 billion dollar valuation virtually overnight, but it wasn’t the only player worth noting.  AI-powered creative – as popularized by the recent Lensa phenomenon, frictionless voice activated devices, and lifelike AI-powered holograms were all on a path to drive personalization at scale.

Robotics Were Everywhere
Robotics were front and center, showcasing product innovations designed to support all aspects of work and life – serving drinks, cutting grass, taking care of pets, tackling chores in the home and a multitude of other tasks.  These advances in the space have definite implications on how we build and activate experiences, and even rethink resourcing, though we don’t see the producer role filled anytime soon.

Reimagining The Metaverse
Though the “metaverse” was one of the buzz words of 2022, it was less about entering a separate world at CES, and more about making the real one more impactful – through richer experiences, more personalization, scale, and enhanced ROI.

The Future Looks Bright
It’s never been a more exciting time to be in the experiential space. The creative canvas has never been larger.  The ability to scale and connect has never been greater.  And the opportunity to drive meaningful impact has never been more important. CES, and the innovation it highlights, without a doubt sets us up for an exciting start to 2023 and beyond.

Check out our team’s view from the floor of the show as we built and activated the Stagwell Group booth and content studio.