YouTube Pop-Up Studio

A pop-up production house brings young artists’ visions to life.


Motivate and encourage YouTube’s next generation of content creators to stay active on the platform and engage their followers.


TEAM built a hype house for the local music scene in Miami. There, we provided up and coming creators with tools and training to produce best-in-class content. This would help them create a social-by-design environment prime for networking and forming new collaborations.


TEAM made sure the Miami hype house included everything artists needed to bring their ideas to life, attend workshops, and collaborate. The live recording and rotating studios gave musicians the opportunity to lay down tracks and record music videos. Onsite creative producers helped style the sets to match each artist’s vision. When all was said and done, TEAM enabled YouTube to help a generation of creators thrive by giving them the freedom to learn, connect, and experiment in a collaborative environment.

Music Videos Created

Interviews Recorded

Art Spotlight Videos Created

Performance Videos Created