Patrón Hacienda Activations

The Patrón brand home brought to life at major music festivals.


Prove that Patrón is suitable for any occasion (and is more than a “party tequila”) by showing an authentically Mexican brand with roots so deep they can run circles around other tequilas’ roots.


Many people think that Patrón is an American brand, and not a true expression of tequila. That’s no bueno. To set the record straight in a big way TEAM recreated the place where every bottle of Patrón begins its journey: Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, México.
Did we serve up the world’s finest tequila at music festivals? Absolutely. However, we had to ensure that wasn’t people’s only takeaway. So, we used a life-sized replica of Patrón’s estate to regale guests with its rich history of crafting the highest quality tequila.


TEAM decided to sponsor fewer, bigger events: Austin City Limits and Lightning in a Bottle. By reaching a larger audience in a more meaningful way, we helped Patrón gain valuable street cred by proving their roots—and show they’re not just for the club by putting their tequila where music fans’ mouths are.

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