Miller Lite Know Your Beer

Blowing the competition out of the water with 1M blind taste tests.


Bring a competitive sampling program to life for the new millennial beer drinker and showcase that Miller Lite has more taste than Bud Light—without the heavily branded marketing jargon.


Most beer drinkers believe all light beer is the same, with many bars defaulting to Bud Light over Miller Lite, which didn’t sit well with us. What they don’t realize, however, is that Miller Lite offers more taste, half the carbs, and fewer calories. Your move, Bud.
TEAM used this to their advantage by creating an in-bar experience where participants could taste the two beers side-by-side, without any of the loud, flashy marketing speak. The goal? Give drinkers an “ah-ha” moment that would snap them out of complacency.


To pull it all off, TEAM created an unbranded beer education program designed to help beer drinkers become more discerning in their alcoholic libation choices through a blind taste test. We approached it by removing the branding from the two contenders. Then, we sat back and let the beer speak for itself. By the end of the program, an impressive 20,000+ Know Your Beer tasting events took place in 42 states throughout the US—including Hawaii and Alaska.

Consumers Engaged 1-on-1


of Participants Chose Miller Lite


Increase in Purchase Intent


Lift in Sale Volume