Lonhala Magnair Rooms To Breathe

A 5,000 sq ft home to educate physicians on a brand new product.


Stand out in a crowded marketplace by educating doctors about the key features of LONHALA MAGNAIR, showing them how different this treatment is from other COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) options.


TEAM built an immersive experience that allowed physicians to enter the home of patients (actors) receiving COPD treatment. As they moved through the home, they were able to see the unique features LONHALA MAGNAIR offered firsthand and discover how it better fits into patients’ lives.


This two-day experience took place at the 2018 CHEST conference in San Antonio, TX. Upon entering the venue, physicians were met with a 5,000 sq ft house that TEAM built. Tour guides took groups of physicians on tours of the home. Each of the house’s five rooms brought a unique feature of the product to life in a big way. Patients acted out various daily activities to drive the message home and demonstrate LONHALA MAGNAIR’S superiority.

Sq Ft Home Constructed in Warehouse

Rooms Highlighed Each Benefit

Day Event

Conference Attendees