Havana Club AMPARO Digital Extension

Reimagining our award-winning show AMPARO for Instagram.


Reach and engage a larger audience during a time of social distancing by adapting the award-winning AMPARO immersive theatrical experience to the digital realm.


TEAM collaborated with the original playwright (Vanessa Garcia) and director (Victoria Collado) to reimagine this epic tale of love, revolution, and stolen rum on Instagram. The story was shot over the course of 10 days at five different Miami locations. Told through 80-year-old Amparo’s point of view, the experience begins in 1957 and ends in present day Miami. It dives even deeper into the characters’ lives and paints a vivid picture of the painful past many Cubans share.


TEAM brought the experience to life on Instagram through a mix of static images and short videos posted in-feed, on Stories, and trivia posts that were saved to Havana Club’s Story Highlights. Viewers were placed in the middle of Amparo’s past, as she chronicles her relationship with Ramon, the effects the revolution had on her family and business, and how they came out on the other side even stronger. Now, a new generation of rum drinkers around the world can taste the truth and discover the story of AMPARO.

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